RYG Mentorship Initiative

The RYG MENTORSHIP INITIATIVE (RYG GUIDE) was conceived as a scheme to help bridge the apparent knowledge gap between fledgling young designers and established seasoned professionals in the architecture and product design fields.


The annual scheme seeks to pair young designers (mentees), through a series of selection hurdles, with top designers (mentors) who will act as guides as the mentees attempt to proffer solutions to an identified problem within our society through design interventions.


At the end of every scheme, the goal is to improve the mentees’ design thought process and capabilities with the possibility of fostering long-term relationships with the mentor. While encouraging mentees to view design as solutions to rising problems, the scheme also provides them with the opportunity to have their design prototypes developed into real life products. 

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RYG is a platform established with the aim of moving the architectural world in Nigeria forward. Provides a place for students all around Africa to share their designs and engage in competitions all over the world.


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